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What can I do for you?

Got Your Back is a service organisation for sports professionals, players & coaches. However I believe in doing things differently. So I’m not exactly the traditional sports agent taking a % out of your pay check, hustling to get you your next sponsor deal.

I think my first and only priority should be to do what is in your best interest. Following the money will not always be the best choice. So I do not have that percentage commission out of your fees as our incentive. Remember “Show me the money” from the movie Jerry Maguire? Well… I’m all about “Show me the solution!” instead 😉

My task is to have your back in all kinds of situations. From contract negotiations to making life choices.  And if I can’t help you myself, I will find the right specialist for you. So if you do need someone to find you some sponsors and you fit the profile I will help you select the right partner to look for possible sponsors for you. That way I stay independent and will always be able to help you without any hidden agenda.

Get in touch…

Are you active in any kind of topsport? Full pro or semi pro? Or emerging talent? Player or member of the coaching staff?

Looking for someone in your corner who can help you make the right decisions? Someone who will handle the fuss of contract negotiations so you can focus on your sport? Someone, besides friends & family, to talk to and who will have your back?

We’ll have a first talk, free of charge of course and without any obligations, to see if and how I can be of help to you. Pick your choice below : online meeting or face to face meeting and choose date & time…

What will it cost you?

The fees are very simple & straight forward. Your first meeting, advice, talk is free… always.

Should you need further advice or help I will invoice a yearly retainer fee of €250. So you can email or message me anytime,… It covers the first couple of hours of actual work for you… In case you need me to join you in (contract) meetings or need anything special that requires more dedicated time, we will determine together upfront if and what the extra fee will be.

We also offer the option of a short monthly meeting as your sounding board where we discuss your recent wins, you to do’s & goals and the roadblocks you encounter. Ask me for the options, but usually we will agree for at least 12 monthly meetings…

Who am I?

My name is Ernst Baart. Born in the Netherlands, living in Belgium. Passionate about people, sports, communication & organisation. Handling the interests of my sons in the worlds of sports lead to several of their friends asking me for my help from time to time as well. Establishing Got Your Back it moved to the next level, but the philosophy of not wanting to charge you an hourly rate or a fixed % on your income has remained.
So let’s talk to see if Got Your Back is what you need and if & how we could work together… or not 😉

No small print, no obligations, no strings attached… Get in touch ↑